Friday, March 7, 2014

Flashback Friday - Overhaulin'

 Back in 2004 Chip & I had only known each other a year or so when he asked me if I was interested in working with him on a new TV show project called Overhaulin'. We had already worked on a few episodes of "Rides" together so I thought it would just be another small segment of one episode in which I would likely end up on the cutting room floor again. Here we are getting ready to start the 8th season and still working together. We have done the sponsor decals on the walls since day one but occasionally we are asked to help out on the cars themselves. In this case it happened to be the first episode we filmed, although it was the second or third to air. Chip drew out what he wanted on the hood, my brother Matt and myself created a pattern off that to make a "spraymask". As you can see the final result is spectacular!

A 1/16" stripe built into the spraymask adds a nice detail.

Matt and Chip masking the hood.



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