Thursday, October 1, 2015

Throw back 2011, The SEMA 2011 Mazda2 turbo designed by Minyong Lee at Mazda R&D

This stunning Mazda Turbo2 was designed by Minyong Lee at Mazda R&D for the Sema Show 2011. We at SFDstudio were asked to produce and install the highly stylized graphics that adorned the Mazda2 in preparation for the event. Unlike today’s standard of creating graphics digitally, the unique appliques for this car took hours to create and were initially created by hand. The patterns were then scanned and digitized into Adobe Illustrator. Mazda requested a custom pearl paint match so we had to paint cut vinyl to match the pearl paint of the car. The digital component of the design were then produced and applied to the turbocharged Mazda2 to create the highly stylized car you see here.  It was a great honor and privilege to work with Mazda and Minyong Lee on this project, one of our favorites here at SFDstudio. 

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